Terry Griffin Founding TechHunt in 2017, Terry Griffin supports small businesses, universities, non-profit organizations, and small business resource providers that aim to help small businesses survive and thrive.  Terry retired in 2007 after 30 years of active service in the Marine Corps.  After subsequent support for a variety of state, federal, and small business contracts, his work during the past year has been pro bono.

Oak Mountain Group is 100% small-business and non-traditional contractor focused. The Operational processes are a selection of Government, Industry and Academia prototyping best-practices. We embrace disruptive ideas that transform a digital + asymmetric world.

The Dorothy S. Davidson Invention to Innovation Center (I²C) is a regional initiative that fosters, promotes, and accelerates commercialization of technology-based ventures through incubation, co-working, mentorship, funding, and strategic support. See more on their website.

As a multiple American Advertising Award winner in gold, silver, and bronze — as well as TEDx presenter on creativity — Nate K.'s decade’s worth of efforts in creative direction, business strategy, brand consulting, and messaging have helped companies generate millions of dollars in revenue. He’s the Chief Marketing Officer of UNISPARC, Creative Director of Urban Engine (an economic accelerator and entrepreneurial community for the North Alabama region), on a number of boards in membership and advisory roles across the southeast, and operates a creative consultancy and de-centralized creative agency via letsmakestufftogether.com.